You Cannot Escape the Lore Of Social Networking!

Silly and all, but I found it amusing. The words of The Tom are especially entertaining. Yeah, that really IS what MySpace is all about. Even Friendster laughs at Second Life. That’s just sad.

Also, Yakkity Sax.


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2 Responses to “You Cannot Escape the Lore Of Social Networking!”

  1. lucretiasheart Says:

    Okay– WAY hilarious. I was unjustifiably comforted that LJ didn’t make it into the satire!

    My favorite part was the ending, when he’s thanking them for helping him stalk his former girlfriends and waste time at work! *snerk* And the turning off the computer (NOOO!) and going out into the real world and declaring it just as lame…! =^)

  2. lucretiasheart Says:

    LJ totally needs to be parodied!

    I tried MySpace but quit after all I got was crap spam. I tried– and still belong– but essentially, I’m not into chasing people all over the internet just to get a little attention. But then, I’m older than most people who used social networking sites. =^)

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