Memetarded Dead Man’s Party

Obtained from the ever-willing


1. Take out your iPod, or your mp3 playing device. Put it on shuffle play. (okay, I actually used the media player running all the music on my box on shuffle rather than just my iPod, because the ipod’s one of those teeny shuffles and I can’t guarantee I’d know all the song titles)
2. You have to decide if each song is a positive one in terms of survival (songs like Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” or anything that directly references survival, escape or something like that counts double, even something by Survivor, but I reserve the right to laugh at you), or a negative one in terms of survival (Songs by the Zombies, White Zombie, Rob Zombie, about zombies or death or whatnot count double); if you really can’t judge the song, just take it as a pass and it does nothing either way for your chances for survival—remember this is entirely up to you to judge.
3. Keep going until you get five songs one way or the other. Five surviving songs means you lived. Five not-surviving songs means you food. 

+ Matti Paalanen – Highlands – (I win? “..rain falls down, washing the tears away.”) (+1)

/ Enya – Lazy Days (neutral?)

– Sarah McLachlan – Drawn to the Rhythm (live version) – “In the still and silent dawn another day is born / Washed up by the tireless waves the body bent and torn / When you wake in the face of the blinding sun and you search only to find / That heaven is a stranger place than what youve left behind (I die) (+1, -1)

+ Goat – Castlevania 3 Stained Glass Filth OC ReMix – I win, totally. It’s all about Trevor bashing on the monsters, upbeat thrashing music. 🙂  (+2, -1)

– Vigilante – Super Metroid Zebesian Midnight OC ReMix (I lose. this is a low, melancholy piece) (+2, -2)

+ Fluke – Atom Bomb
(“Baby got an atom bomb /
twenty two metagons…
baby gimme some of that…
She got destiny, she got supremecy /
She got everything from A – Z /
She got it all down tight, she got nothing wrong /
She got the whole wide world singing baby’s song”)     Yeah, I totally get the point this time. (+3, -2)

– New Order – Primitive Notion (It’s New Order. That ain’t helping me survive…) (+3, -3)

/ Lemon Demon – the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (very much debatable. While it does have zombie Lincoln capping Batman, said zombie Lincoln also gets himself trounced by, of all things, a carebear. I’ll call it neutral, because it’s got Chuck Norris in it.)

+ Dido – Hunter (yay me!) (+4, -3)

+ Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood (I win!) (+5, -3)

So there you have it. Things start pretty much even money on Monkey Boy remaining alive, then he comes out with the machetes and everything’s all him from there on out.

Huh, apparently Surrounded by Zombies means someplace in New Hampshire. Has the government been covering up a zombie outbreak in New England? You decide!


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