Nothing To See Here

These are just silly little tektek chibis relating to a project I’m working on: Legend of the Archons.

Two  four slightly different versions of a character from the game, who’s definitely associated with the Principle of Opposition. I prefer him with the axe (added 8/9/2008)

An itinerant wizard known as Aquila, a follower of the Principle of Concord. He’s in search of something that has been lost for far too long… But can he stay a step ahead of forces that would rather he didn’t find what he’s after?

Two versions of Constance Rose, this time as a duchess for LoA, left is one I made, and after that her player modified it to get the one on the right. (8/10/08 & 8/11/2008)

Mordamund, the late Archon of Vision, who may well have foreseen all that is now transpiring. Couldn’t a man famed for prophecy have known how to prevent his own council from being wiped out?

Josef Kastermann, who is definitely up to no good.
Two versions of Gottfried Teufel. Do not catch his interest. That ends badly.

Grand Duke Oswald of Ostrobach. I like him.

 The Patriarch. Yeah. (8/10/2008)

This next few are not for Legend, but for my old WFRP campaign, revised avatar that (I think) suits the subjects better than the old one.

Ludwig Wolfmar MacRae, Middenlander/Albionish general.
Derelek Caravan, well-traveled Dwarf warrior/engineer/alchemist. Lise, one of Gaynor’s minions. I was never satisfied with the old chibi I made of her.

Magritte von Liebewitz, Uhlrik’s mother.


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2 Responses to “Nothing To See Here”

  1. uhlrik Says:

    Sorry for re-hooking you on that particular form of crack. Do go check out the new bitz they’ve got for you to use. You know you want to…

    I do like designing these things once in a while.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    You can’t see Gottfried? That’s unfortunate. The differences between the two are subtle, however… shoulder and helmet variations.

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