Teh SUV! Es ist Tod! ONOES!!1!

The SUV is Dead: Yahoo Editorial

GM, Others Decide the SUV is Dead: US News & World Report

It took them long enough to realize that. Now, this won’t really stop people that are just into conspicuous consumption and showing off that they can still afford to feed  their hummer come commute time, but it’s a positive trend at least. Now, I don’t hate SUVs as such. I just am greatly annoyed at them as commuter vehicles that aren’t used to haul large loads of people or gear, or to tackle tough terrain for either work or play. If you’re just driving an hour to work each way in it, I’ve got a problem with it. If you actually have to have one for some practical reason, no big deal and more power to your ever-diminishing pocketbook. I do like the idea of these things losing their chic and thus losing their exalted pricing so the regular joes that need them can actually afford a decent one.

And I hate driving behind the freaking beasts in my little Kia Rio. Yeah.


2 Responses to “Teh SUV! Es ist Tod! ONOES!!1!”

  1. lucretiasheart Says:

    “As the New York Times reported, it now costs $100k to own and keep a similarly inefficient full size pickup running for five years.”

    100 K?! 100K?! Oh my gosh– Wow.

    No wonder we’ve kept with our tiny economy cars all this time…!

  2. uhlrik Says:


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