This question of utmost importance emerged from a discussion with my wife and

at dinner tonight:
What is your reaction to a blonde woman who has a Nintendo Wii and smells like bacon?

Responses will be tabulated and analyzed – please feel free to include your age if that is unclear.

the management


3 Responses to “855”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    It really depends on many factors.

    Is she a pretty blonde?
    Is she a smart blonde; if she’s one of those ditzy or dumb ones, that kills most of the appeal right there from her being pretty and having nice hair.
    The Wii bit isn’t a big point for me; don’t get me wrong, I like gaming, and I certainly wouldn’t mind trying the Wii (or having one, most likely – though I think I’d be happier with a Xbox 360 or PS3…)
    Why does she smell like bacon? If it’s cuz she got out of bed to make me breakfast and has a big platter of eggs and bacon and pancakes in her hands for me, that’s ok. If she herself always smells like bacon, then ewwww. I’d rather her smell like cinnamon or a light citrus scent, please.

    Yes, I realise this was far more serious a reply than this deserved, but there you have it.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    AAugh! Analysis! The bane of all pointless things! *writhes*

  3. creativedv8tion Says:

    Hey, serves you right for posting that in the first place. *cackles and goes back to bed*

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