Writing and/or RP Related Memetardedness.

(Note: for me these are not necessarily identical)

Stolen from

while he was pining for the fjords.

Name a character that you know I write or have written (or roleplay or have roleplayed), and I’ll tell you:

a. What initially prompted me to like the character enough to write about or create him/her (slightly edited to better fit – 9:37pm)
b. One of his/her best traits
c. One of his/her worst traits
d. How easy/difficult I find it to write the character
e. The story/chapter/paragraph/phrase where I feel that I truly captured the character
f. My plans (if any) to write the character in the near future

And now, off to bed for monkey boy!

3 Responses to “Writing and/or RP Related Memetardedness.”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    I’ll let one of your fellow GKers ask about the obvious, and i’ll ask about the one I’m not sure I can think of the name of – but your Nosferatu… Trouble?

  2. meta4life Says:

    Okay. So I’ll ask about Fiend. 🙂

  3. meta4life Says:

    She’s one of the more fascinating characters I’ve ever seen, if only because the reader’s natural impulse it to look for some humanizing quality in her — and we really don’t find it when we expect it. 🙂

    The amusing thing is that Twilight isn’t really bothered by the demonic aspect — she’s got no referent for it in her past and as she pointed out in the game, it seems more honest. What actually makes her so distrust the Fiend is the Nazi allegiances — Nazi’s, she’s had to learn about. 😉

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