The Center of the Universe?

In general, when I post from home I flag my location as The Center of the Universe since, well, it’s where I live and because it’s in Los Angeles.

Little did I anticipate that, according to Google, the Center of the Universe is in Tulsa, OK. Who knew?

But then, when you search for my address on Google Earth you find the wrong location. I was msot pleased when I discovered that fact. The satellite mind rays missed me!

Interestingly, when I specify Los Angeles as the location of the Center of the universe, multiple locations are pinpointed. Is this evidence of a multi-centered universe? You decide!


3 Responses to “The Center of the Universe?”

  1. uhlrik Says:

    There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Substantive evidential support of the new Google-Los Angeles Multi-Centric Universe Theory.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    Nobody will believe you. In fact, they will most likely have you committed as a paranoid should you attempt to warn the world. By the time that you break out and attempt to stop me, it shall be entirely too late.



    excuse me.

  3. bosantibe Says:

    Sounds like chess. So, I’ve been thinking of what kind of weirdest stuff ever I could do as a mock epic game. I wonder if you’d like to toss some ideas around sometime.

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