Yet more Tektek Absurdity

I’ve been fiddling around with this silly thing again. Imagine that.

Here is a collection of assorted things, of varying quality. A little bit of DCU/GK:1943 stuff, a lot of Pax Imp stuff and a few assorted odds and ends.

The obligatory new take on Uhlrik using the updated tektek thingie’s new toys. I wish they had an axe. However, using both the ice rod and mjolnir together does a pretty good job of simulating Frost Drake, the Big Guy’s signature weapon.

Pax Imperialis!

A preliminary idea for somebody’s partially-completed Pax Imperialis character. A down-on-his-luck arms dealer.

Another preliminary character idea for a mostly-completed character: a rogue Servitor. Yikes. Whatcha think, mang?

Klaud Diederich.

Constance in action clothes. The character herself is just about ready to jump into Pax Imperialis. I didn’t do this one, her player did

Sister Superior Hanna

Trass’sschall. If only I could get that skin in green.

Theresa Bacalski (preliminary – and just about ready to play)

Jin Orzhov (preliminary)

Arbitrator Taranih Sharifpour

Gavros Exos, Marshal of Court

Prefect Cedric Aquilos

Derrel Talbot

Baron Madrius Herrifydd

Preacher Yakob


Darkseid. I couldn’t really find any headpieces that were even close, unfortunately.


Another Astarielle. I’m not sold on this one, though.


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6 Responses to “Yet more Tektek Absurdity”

  1. meta4life Says:

    LOL… okay, never mind my question to your comment on my LJ. I now see what you’ve been obsessing over. 😉

    Nice work, man. It’s so intriguing, how different people use these bits and pieces to create original characters….

    You should do your TekTek alter ego though. Or one of them anyway.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    You mean these?

    I’m not obsessed. Really.

  3. meta4life Says:

    I’m not obsessed. Really.

    LOL…. oh no, not at all. =)

  4. uhlrik Says:

    You doubt the veracity of my pronouncements?

  5. uhlrik Says:

    Another Constance. I did dis one.

  6. uhlrik Says:

    West too. I managed a decent one. woohoo.

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