Wayback Machine: I’m Taking a Ride With My Best Friend.

Today when we were at Amoeba Music (K, S and I were there looking for an old, out-of-print album for somebody), I was wandering along and spotted a fair chunk of Depeche Mode. On impulse, I poked through the selection and, as hoped, found a copy of Music For The Masses. Back when I was a wee lad, my older brother (the one that was hardcore into punk, interestingly) had this, Speak & Spell and I think another album in vinyl. Kathy, Linda, Danny and I were all into the band back then, and I still have a soft spot for them. I never owned a real copy of this particular album myself, though I did have an audiocasette that we dubbed off the record.

This same audiocasette ended up pretty much living in my best friend Drew’s truck and we’d listen to it anytime we went driving someplace together that took more than a couple minutes to get to. It is no accident that the first song on the album is Never Let Me Down Again, with its signature line “I’m taking a ride with my best friend.” Maaaan, that’s an incredibly cheesy thing but it meant a lot to me back then and, thinking back on it, it still does.

I know that you can never go home again, but putting this album in helps me feel that, just for a few moments, I have.

Drew, here’s to you. I miss you, man.


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One Response to “Wayback Machine: I’m Taking a Ride With My Best Friend.”

  1. meta4life Says:


    I adore finding music like that. I got Steely Dan’s Gaucho in 1980, I think, on vinyl. It made the jump to cassette and then to CD with me as I upgraded equipment, and still remains one of my favorite “albums.”

    Another one I felt that way about for years was Ricky Lee Jones’ Pirates.

    Anyway, kudoes for connecting to something that important to you. I just wanted to let you know — I relate. 🙂

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