Now I Have a Tablet Too Ho Ho Ho

Yeah. I do. It is exceeding righteous and worthy of all acceptation.

To be precise, it is a WACOM Intuos 3 tablet. The thing’s freaking huge and freaking awesome, and I can’t freaking stop using the word freaking in this paragraph. What is freaking wrong with me? I have no idea, but it’s freaking cool.

With this most nifty doodad, I was able to make this (see below, in case you’re paying attention) in approximately one second. Okay, perhaps I exaggerate. It took me 4 seconds. This thing is an awesometologist’s wet dream.

Tablet Doodle Number 1 by ~uhlrik on deviantART

My wife is the coolest. She loves me, and stuff.

And I’m going to have to make actual art with this thing now, aren’t I?

Oh yes. Yes I shall.

Be afraid.


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