Time Must Have No Value

A couple of days ago, we were having an insanely busy day at work – far and away busier than usual. We had a lot of people calling in with real issues that needed to be taken care of, and then this call comes in on my sup line.

The woman on the other end was not a customer of ours, but called not only one of our normal reps but demanded to be escalated to the sup line as well (hence reaching me) merely to inform me that she will not use our services because, while our main facility and corporate HQ is in geosynchronous orbit over Los Angeles, we also maintain a secondary center in India. So she tried to scold me over the existence of this other place. Like I’ve got any say in the matter, and as if I care that one person is a bigot (which was what her specific argument boiled down to). That was all. I said I was sorry she felt that way (not for our actions in any way), wished her a good day and moved on to the next caller.

Keep in mind that since that particular day we were unusually swamped, she had to wait about twenty minutes to reach our first rep…


3 Responses to “Time Must Have No Value”

  1. lucretiasheart Says:

    As a “staffing specialist” I get all sorts of calls from all sorts of people, too. You know, it keeps me from feeling like a total fool when I talk to the truly foolish.


  2. bosantibe Says:

    She… sounds like my mom. What sort of company do you work for again?

  3. uhlrik Says:

    I work for a dotcom, in the internet postage business.

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