Bah, but with some pluses.

I would think that the soreness and stiffness would have gone down more than it has by now.

Bad monkey, I don’t mean that kind of soreness. It’s my lower jaw: yesterday I went to the dentist’s and spent two hours being drilled and fitted for a crown. One of my molars had several good-sized fillings from long ago and he felt it needed a half crown to be more structurally sound, so he went in and drilled them out. Underneath these old fillings, he found decay and so he had to drill some more. He took one look at what was left of my tooth after drilling round II (the photos he took were kinda trippy and non-euclidean actually) and decided he’d need to do a full crown instead.

A long while later, he released me onto the unsuspecting world with a temporary and an appointment to put the real one in after two weeks. Pain’s no big deal to me but longterm, severe soreness gets old.

So now, my law does not like to move. Eating is less fun than usual, and I’m finding that this is an inconvenient time to have a job that requires me to spend literally all day talking to people. On the plus side, I got promoted a little over a week ago and I like my new position better than my old one.


One Response to “Bah, but with some pluses.”

  1. uhlrik Says:

    My law never likes to move, for I am as constant as the Northern Star.

    My jaw, however, usually does.

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