I Bleed Dodger Blue

It’s true. I’m a lifelong fan of the Dodgers, and I’m not the only one: K is a Dodger girl. In brief, we had the good fortune to be given tickets and a parking pass to tonight’s Dodgers game. So we went. Our seats were just behind the boxes a little bit past third base, so we had an excellent view of the action.

Overall, it was a fairly routine (and quick) win by the Dodgers over the Rockies. However, the third inning was very exciting: after two Blue Boys stole bases simultaneously, the wheels came right off of the Rockies. In the very next at bat, Gonzales knocked both in with a single, then got sent to second on a balk before another hit sent him home too.

That double stolen base play was a thing of rare beauty, and it completely demoralized the bad guys.

It’s too bad that sitting up through the game made K’s back very sore. 😦 As bad as she’s feeling, we almost didn’t go. I appreciate that the team got the memo and made sure to win in honor of her sacrifice.

Baseball’s a very different game from the other major sports, and though I love sports in general and acknowledge that several other games are more exciting I greatly appreciate the very different nature and rich traditions of baseball. I even love singing that silly song during the seventh-inning stretch. The ritual of it helps connect with the game and provides a cultural link.


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