Character Descriptions: Quasi-Anthro Edition

More of these. Why? Because I can.

This group is made up of Chaos-tainted bestial humanoids (two Chaos Beastmen, specifically Gors, and a Skaven), hence the quasi-anthro notation.

Uhlrik is well over six feet tall and gifted with a highly muscled yet limber physique built for both speed and tremendous power. His body is covered with short, pale gray-brown fur though his long mane as well as his beard, sidelocks and fetlocks are dark blond. Uhlrik’s head is that of some sort of animal; it is not exactly like any one species but most closely resembles a blend of goat and horse. Notable differences include expressive, intelligent icy blue eyes arranged to allow for binocular vision and a mouth capable of forming coherent speech. Long, curved horns rise up from his skull, and his long ears are highly mobile. Uhlrik’s digitigrade legs terminate in broad cloven hooves. The overall impression that Uhlrik exudes is one of menace and raw power held in check only by strict control and iron discipline.

Uhlrik is not a being inclined towards effusive speech, but he is capable of being quite eloquent when the occasion calls for it. His voice is a rich bass well suited for being elevated over a crowd. Uhlrik tends to favor monosyllabic answers to most queries, and guttural sounds and snorting though his nostrils communicate his annoyance better than a lengthy diatribe would be likely to do.

Uhlrik’s attire varies widely, as befits a military man of wealth and power. His signature look is of course the full armor that he wears into battle. This suit of full plate is designed around a draconic theme, and incorporates real dragon-bone plated with metal in several places. His famous helm was crafted from a young dragon’s skull. Ribs from the same dragon encircle his breastplate and its skeletal talons adorn his pauldrons (shoulder plates). Over it all he wears a vast black hooded cloak crafted from dragonhide. His primary weapon is the aptly named and highly feared Frost Drake, a massive double-bladed battle-axe decorated with (what else) a draconic theme.

However, one does not spend one’s daily life clad in the full panoply of battle. For daily wear, Uhlrik prefers relatively simple and somber yet finely made military uniforms in black and gray, either with or without boots. He does keep the huge cloak in most circumstances. Of course, he does possess his share of finery for formal or festive occasions, but he greatly prefers his uniforms to such things. His formal dress uniform consists of an embroidered black doublet over a loose-sleeved charcoal gray shirt worn with flared black leather gauntlets. His black breeches extend to his ankles, leaving his fetlocked lower legs bare. When clad thus, he has inlaid shoes attached to his hooves. Over the doublet is worn a short robe-like white tunic with silver and blue trim. The rest of the uniform has silvery trim.

Rusikis is short and wiry, built around a compact and stocky skeleton on which very little fat can be found. She is a sleek, gray-furred bipedal rodent with beady black eyes, a naked rat-tail, sharp buckteeth and a twitching pink nose. The Skaven’s furless hands and feet are tipped with long, wicked talons as hard as iron. Power literally courses through her bloodstream, and it occasionally crackles and sparks from her fur, a talon or her eyes like tiny lightning arcs. She has lately been training herself to stand erect and straight with her shoulders back rather than in a skulking hunch as is typical of her species, but she does lapse.

The Skaven speaks in a rapid staccato and has a fairly harsh voice. She shares the distinctive mannerisms that most of her race exhibits when speaking languages other than Queekish, interspersing words with chitters and squeaks, and often doubling a syllable or two in difficult words.  Though she has learned to understand several languages well, she has limited facility for actually speaking them since it is hard for her to frame many of the appropriate sounds – Skaven vocal apparatus is quite different from that of Humanity. She is starting to learn the nuances of speaking in something other than the third person, but it is totally alien to her native tongue and as such is tricky for her to get her rat-head around.

As for attire, Rusikis favors grays and earth tones, and loathes going out in daylight without a hood to shade her eyes. She favors robes worn over loose-fitting clothing that allows her freedom to move, essentially and appropriately resembling a cross between a ninja and a hooded witch. She loves trinkets, jewelry and bangles, but favors those that can be easily silenced or removed. Most, like her robes, are decorated with mystic sigils, especially downward-pointing arrows or swords representing Ghyr, the Gray College of Magic to which she has subscribed since she abandoned her studies in the Dark College. Notably, she usually wears a pair of plated arm-bracers. The wicked, hiltless paired shortswords Murder and Mayhem usually reside on her hips. These weapons are Weeping Blades, the signature of the notorious Clan Eshin assassins, and as such whenever they are unsheathed they constantly drip horrific corrosive venom. In addition to this, she keeps numerous small throwing blades and stars concealed on her person.


Very tall for a woman (at a full six feet in height) and muscular yet lithe, Rahann is covered in red-brown fur. Like her half-brother, Rahann has digitigrade legs terminating in cloven hooves. Her facial features most resemble some sort of wicked-fanged canine with a long auburn mane, mobile pointed ears and twisting horns. Her most arresting feature, however, are her eyes: they are white throughout, having no readily discernible pupil or iris. She moves like the deadly and utterly vicious warrior that she is, and her hide is crisscrossed with scars, some of which are in the shape of darksome sigils such as the x-shaped skull rune of Khorne.

Rahann speaks with a distinctly low, breathy growling voice, and uses many canine mannerisms such as baring her teeth when annoyed. Rahann is severely hot-tempered and mercurial, capable of flying into a towering rage at any provocation, then coming down from it just as suddenly.

In contrast to her bestial and savage physical form, she usually wears dresses that one might expect to see on the streets of a great and cosmopolitan city. She makes a point of dressing like a civilized woman rather than the brutal barbarian chieftess that she was up until she turned from the service of the Blood God. We she to go back into battle, however, she would be sure to dress in a much more utilitarian and warlike fashion, and she owns both a regular suit of plate armor and her old suit of living Chaos Armor, which latter is of course in the blood red and brass colors of Khorne and is decorated with leering skulls.

Her preferred weapons are spears, but she also wields a long, straight sword.



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