In The News: More Stuff My Dad Wrote


I found this image at the now-defunct Gamer Fake Banner Ad Archive long ago. I never anticipated that I’d have the occasion to use it for a news story.

On the plus side, Old Man Tolkien rocked and I’m curious how this chop-job turned out. On the down side… Christopher’s obsession with “finishing” his father’s writings is a bit on the sad side.


3 Responses to “In The News: More Stuff My Dad Wrote”

  1. bosantibe Says:

    Just a bit? Only perhaps a smidge? It’s something else, a new paradigm facet to see someone actually leeching on his parent’s immortal legacy, something that in olden Socratic days would have been considered inviolable.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    Okay, so I’m guilty of understatement.

    However… undeservedly leeching on his father’s legacy is almost as old as fatherhood. Something about hereditary kingship…

  3. bosantibe Says:

    Really? Altering someone’s publication history by mucking it up with new additions has been going on that long? I can see that there’s a long and ignominious history of taking what a man has built and tearing it apart through one’s own life, but dragging someone’s literary identity through the mud I thought was a newer convention.

    Remember how Socrates (according to Plato) once said that in order to truly live forever on this earth, one would have to leave behind something of oneself that couldn’t be corrupted like DNA, such as unforgettable works of mental prowess. Sure, anyone could foolishly interpret those ideas, but the source would ever remain. Not so in the Tokien household, apparently.

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