In the News: Did I Do That?

Tech Error Wipes Out Alaska Information

*wince* Somebody’s getting fired…

And somebody else has learned a valuable lesson in multiple redundancy.

That actually reminds me of a scene in Return of the Jedi. A puny A-wing fighter hurtles into the bridge of the super star destroyer, taking out Admiral Piet and his command crew, sending the entire massive vehicle careening into a collision with the Death Star. One would think that the designers of such a humongous vehicle would think to have an auxiliary bridge for jsut such an occasion.


6 Responses to “In the News: Did I Do That?”

  1. devolve_absolve Says:

    What gets me about Sci-fi is that the bridge is always – ALWAYS – such an obvious and weak point. You don’t NEED to see in to space through a narrow window. Put the bridge and the main engine components in the center of the ship. Put the living quarters on the outside. It’s simple logic!

    GAH! Can’t these sci-fi folks get anything right!??!

  2. uhlrik Says:

    Yeah, it’s very silly.

    speaking of sci-fi folks that get things wrong… I’m thinking of trying to actually get a real 40KRP thing off the ground.

  3. devolve_absolve Says:

    I’m listening, though I resent you saying 40k isn’t real 😉

  4. uhlrik Says:

    Well, I’m pondering setting up a forum version of Pax Imperialis and actually trying to recruit people to play in my little corner of the Imperium, broadening the scope of what I originally envisioned for that game that never truly got off the ground. I’ve done so much work on the setting and invested so much into the idea of playing in it that I really want to get something to work there.

  5. bosantibe Says:

    Yeah, I have these vague recollections of wondering why, exactly, the rebellion didn’t have some sort of fighter that was actually a series of disassembling droidlet-powered bombs to attack important weak spots of pretty much every ship’s bridge and main batteries. Ah, well.

  6. uhlrik Says:

    Good eye.

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