Character Descriptions: Pretty Elf Ladies Edition

I don’t know why I’m posting  these, but I am. So there.

I have fairly recently decided to write detailed descriptions of a large number of the characters from my venerable Legacy campaign. I’ve been drawing many of these characters for years, but have always relied on verbal descriptions and drawings rather than carefully detailed written takes on them. Several things spurred spurred this writing, but now I feel like posting these here whether you’re interested in reading them or not, and I know that odds are against. Hence, the following lj-cut.

I’m going to group some of them semi-thematically. Today’s grouping is a number of lovely elf women. We all know that elf ladies in RPGs are always highly attractive, and these are no exception. These descriptions are primarily focused on appearance rather than personality, but I tried to let some of that sneak through as well. However, never forget that looks aren’t everything even when it comes to Elves. Read on.

Major Kreeshana Jewelhand

Kreeshana is a sleek, wiry and hardened looking Elf woman with a pale complexion.  Scars on her angular face mar what is otherwise a sharp beauty, and her ears are notched in several places. Her eyes gleam a hard green, and her hair is blazing red – a rare and unlucky color for an Elf, known even among the Druchii as a sign of perfidiousness. On her left arm, she always wears a gleaming and bejeweled gauntlet of exquisite craftsmanship: this is an enchanted tool that provides her a usable hand in place of the fleshly one that she lost battling daemons in Lustria. Kreeshana is a lonely and hungry soul, and her emptiness translates into a callous attitude and a short temper, but also deep moodiness and affection.

 Kreeshana’s voice is silken-smooth and as dangerous as her smile. She is gifted at cutting repartee and the most brutally shocking of invective but also eloquent praise.

 Her usual attire is a black, gold and gray officer’s uniform, the colors of the Wyverns. In battle, she wears blackened plate-and-chain armor and a tall black nasal helm. She keeps a crossbow on her back, and carries a wavy-bladed kris sword of meteoric iron that she has named Asp. Several vicious-looking daggers are kept at various points on her body. She also owns several dresses that use her figure to good advantage.

Lady Astarielle Glitterblade Gunderit

A tall, statuesque elf woman with pale blonde hair and blue eyes, Astarielle is stately and graceful in both form and demeanor. She is quite slender but strong and fit enough to wield her two-handed sword with remarkable ease, stamina and precision. Her hair is usually worn in a single braid down a bit past her waist. Her expression is usually serious, stoic and businesslike, though she is not slow to smile. An accomplished public speaker and interpreter, Astarielle speaks clearly and smoothly.

 Astarielle prefers the simple yet elegantly cut blue robes of a Sword Master of Hoeth, but is also perfectly comfortable in any number of fine gowns and dresses suited to state affairs or everyday matters. She usually eschews much in he way of jewelry, but is always wearing an item or two. Her aforementioned blade is an Elven Greatsword, a wicked yet finely balanced instrument of death nearly as long as she is tall. She also still retains the plate-and scale armor of her order against the day that she should have to take up her sword against the enemy once more.

Lady Cassandra Laurean Gunderit

 To say that Cassandra is beautiful is to speak too poorly of the woman: hers is a noble elvish beauty that men have killed and died for. Her youthful skin, once bronzed, has been porcelain-pale ever since a Dark Elvish artifact was used to restore her shattered body to health during the taking of Clar Karond. She is slightly below six feet in height and clearly quite young, being a mere 37 years of age. Cassandra has long pointed ears, dark honey-gold hair showering down to her mid thighs and large almond-shaped blue-purple eyes. For an elf, she is unusually buxom and voluptuous. She keeps herself in excellent physical condition with highly toned muscles; she is lightning fast and far stronger than one would expect a slight elfmaid to be. Notably, she has one tattoo on each arm: a gryphon on the left and a phoenix on the right.

 She frequently seems either distracted and distant or intensely focused and energetic. In general she has a somewhat haughty air about her, even though she is not afraid in the slightest to get her hands dirty. Cassandra’s voice is low and melodic, and she can project quite forcefully if need be. She speaks in the cultured tones of the nobility of Lothern, the world’s greatest and wealthiest city.

 Cassandra owns an extensive wardrobe and usually dresses in the finest of clothing, particularly in expensive dresses or gowns with bodices or corsets designed to provide the support that a full-busted woman such as herself needs. Her hair is usually worn loose, but she has been known to set it in elaborate braided arrangements on occasion. She dearly loves jewelry and beautiful adornments, but prefers not to overdo them. One constant is the star sapphire and diamond ring that Uhlrik gave her when they wed.

 When she trains or fights, Cassandra prefers garb reminiscent of the Asrai Wardancers: form-fitting outfits that leave a lot of skin uncovered and allow for minimal interference with her highly acrobatic and fast-paced fighting style. She does, however, still maintain a gleaming suit of finely wrought plate and scale armor styled much like the Silver Helm Knights, which order she once emulated. By way of weapons, she prefers to fight with a sword in each hand: in the one, a sigil-covered magical falchion of Asur make and in the other a slim curved blade that Derelek gifted to her upon his return from Nippon. Her powerful enchanted Phoenix Bow rests on her back when she goes to battle. However, since her withdrawal from active combat duty and adventuring she has had no particular occasion to wear either armor or her military uniform.



2 Responses to “Character Descriptions: Pretty Elf Ladies Edition”

  1. uhlrik Says:

    Hey, I like red hair. I can’t help if Warhammer elves think it’s scary.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    It’s a good thing you’re not a stepchild.

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