I just got back from the Koreatown Plaza, a korean mall not far from my house, where I hit their post office (it never has lines, so I win) to send off a present for a friend of my wife and I.

While I was there, I got peckish so I popped into the food court. One of the korean restaurants there (called Tapioca Express) had a philly cheesesteak on the menu. The picture was… odd. That was just so perverse that I immediately knew that I had no choice: I must eat this Korean Philly cheesesteak. Plus, Tapioca Express is an incredibly random name for an eatery anyhow. Apparently their schtick is that they have a variety of odd tapioca beverages. Perhaps I’ll try one of those another time.

I’m about to find out how that Korean Cheesesteak is.

Edit: It was good. The meat was nicely seasoned and peppery, the cheese was of the correct kind and very melty. The onions and bell peppers were cut thicker than I’m used to seeing in a cheesesteak (that’s the main difference), but that was not a bad thing at all.


5 Responses to “Randomtude”

  1. uhlrik Says:

    You actually want me to break the suspense? Okay. I edited the original post. 😀

  2. poobahbear Says:

    Nice icon. Speaking of icons, you used the wrong one.

    *shakes head, sadly*

  3. poobahbear Says:

    Yes, that’s more appropriate.

    Perhaps if you’d get off your keister and do some more writing, I wouldn’t have so much free time on my hands to be lippy…?

  4. poobahbear Says:

    Take it up with my maker.

  5. uhlrik Says:

    Speakin’a which, November’s almost here.

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