RPG Sheeptude

Meme lifted from awritersfantasy while she was upside-down and submerged…

Years roleplaying:  Hmmm… 20 years, give or take.
Least favourite character?:

Male or female characters?: Either. It really depends. Some concepts scream a certain gender to me, so I play them that way. I’d guess that my actual play lines up around 50% each way. Maybe slightly more male.
Oldest character played: In terms of longest-standing character currently in play, that’d be my newly reactivated ‘classic’ Uhlrik… Going on about 16 years now. In terms of the first character I ever played, there was some goblin whose name I forget in the T&T solo dungeon module ‘Goblin Lake’ with Danny running it.  If it’s the earliest that I got to make myself rather than a pregen like that goblin) it’d be the late and not-so-lamented Dar, a human warrior. If you mean oldest as in the character’s chronological in-game age… well with nonhumans, dragons and whatnot in the mix that’s a pointless question. My oldest human PC was Franklin T. Helseher, a 60something Hermetic mage. Needless to say, this question was insufficiently clear so I tried to cover all the bases.  ^_-
Newest character?:
I’m working on one now, so it’s him. Haven’t named him yet though.

Which character of yours would be most likely to…

Jump off a bridge?: Krissy Lee. But she’d use it as some sort of stunt to step sideways just before impact and escape somebody. Linda might do it for real though… she’s messed-up enough and possessed.
Get drunk and pass out?:
Gowron “Flamin’ Death!” Ironskull, hands down. Robert Anderson  would too, since he… well… he did on at least one occasion.
Get lost and refuse to ask for directions?:
Gorm. He’d rather frenzy. Which, well… came very naturally to him.
Get lung cancer?:
“Spade” my Shadowrun elf detective. Smoked like a chimney, that one. Disgusting habit.
Star in a horror movie?:
Heh. Half of them would be the monster, and more than a few of the others lived in one. If we’re looking for somebody to play the “scared girl with big eyes” type, I’d say Krissy or Linda.
Star in a whore movie?:
Robert Anderson. That was easy.
Star in a video game?:
Either Uhlrik Gunderit or Malcolm Lockheed.
Make the world a better place?:
Uhlrik Gunderit is one who would. Franklin T. Helseher was obsessed with doing so… and succeeded, by helping others to Ascend. If destroying a corrupt universe to make room for a better one counts, I’ll add Robert.
Have a torrid gay love affair?:
Hm. none come to mind.

Relate each word to a character of yours:

Love: Uhlrik. Talk about a tangled love life…
Kaitlyn “Kate” Mako.
Robert, of course. Like duh.
Rob again. He’s coming up a lot in this meme.
Linda. Pathetic, self-destructive mess she is.
Yet again, Robert.
Gorm or Uhlrik.
Franklin or Trouble.
Gowron “Flamin’ Death!” Ironskull. He broke down weeping at the beauty of a pirate vessel he ignited.
John Scalp-Taker. As in cold as ice…

Would you ever…

Play a prostitute?: As their occupation, probably not. I did play a pimp once (Curtis “Goldtooth” DuBois), and one of Robert’s many nicknames was “man-whore” if that counts. Linda would be willing to turn the occasional trick when things got really desperate money-wise, though.
Play a musician?:
I have, several times. Robert, Alexander “Axe” Sherman, Krissy, Morkeleb… heck, even Gorm could manage with a harmonica.
Play a pilot?:
o.o Nope.
Play a homosexual?:
Not unless that was part of some larger concept. I’m not into sex-play, though, so there’s much less incentive to focus on my characters’ sexuality.
Play a pedophile?:
Gorm was, but that was just one small part of the fact that he was a very, very sick puppy.
Play a politician?:
Would and have. Franklin and Uhlrik among others.
Create a character for the sole purpose of smut?:
Play a character who commits incest?:
I think not. Well, if I were playing Uhlrik in an AU where he didn’t realize Rahann was his sister that’d be a very real danger, since she has in-game commented “if he weren’t my brother…”.


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  1. bosantibe Says:

    This has been an amusing romp. Hard to determine what all of my answers would be.

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