In the News: Fire! Planets! Toupees!

I’ll begin and end this with Non Sequitur, because I love Non Sequitur.


Alleged Arsonist Leaves Birth Certificate At Scene of Crime

You know… what I’m wondering is why he was carrying it with him when he was there to start a fire…

Man Who Claims Toupee Caused Heart Attack Sues

Now that’s just an absurd claim. Plus, the guy’s stupid for buying a toupee in a dark room and without double-checking to make sure it fits…

Astronomers Find Fluffy Planet

That’s really cool. Now, I remember being told in astronomy class that one of the gas giants in our own system (I think Saturn?) is also of low enough density to float in water like this new one. However, this new guy is the smallest planet on record, and it’s also one-twentieth of the distance from its star that we are from the sun. A huge planet that close to its sun, with that rapid an orbit. Utterly fascinating to me. Definitely a mess-with-your-assumptions arrangement.

The Optimist


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