An Assortment! A Grab-Bag! A POST!

I’ve not been so active in my LJ lately, but here’s a little collection of somethings that I appreciate.

First, a quote I found and love:
“From what I can gather, “real” philosophy is 90% redefining all the words in the language of discourse in such a manner as to render it impossible to express a dissenting view, and proceeding to reject out of hand any argument that doesn’t employ your new definitions, and 10% devising exceedingly eloquent attacks on the intellect and moral character of those who disagree with you.” –David J Prokopetz

Next, another of those silly motivators from that silly thread, but this one’s a tribute to the recent and heavily-publicized passing of Steve Irwin.

Good night Steve. Rest Well.

Rest well, Steve.

Lastly, a little video showing some really cool sidewalk art by Julian Beever. Mess wit’ you head, it will! (Also,check out a site with static images of his very cool work)


4 Responses to “An Assortment! A Grab-Bag! A POST!”

  1. lucretiasheart Says:



  2. uhlrik Says:

    Howdy yerself, ma’am!

  3. bosantibe Says:

    Sir Prokopetz sounds like someone I’d love to share a cup o’ joe wit’. I remember I did this long-winded post back a year or two ago professing all of my grievances with modern philosophy and though I didn’t say it as succinctly as the quoted author, the sentiment was touched upon. It’s unavoidable these days, don’t you think?

  4. uhlrik Says:

    To put it succinctly: yes.

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