Mary Sue

I took the Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test with regards to Uhlrik, knowing the probable outcomes ahead of time.

Apparently, the answer is yes, sometimes he has been. Scores for some of his different versions follow. My characters are often freakish, which boosts their scores dramatically of course.

Uhlrik Gunderit der Größerdrache: 100+. Yeah… definitely a product of my adolescence. I still love The Big Guy, even if thinking back on that campaign fills me with a mixture of tremendous pride and painful sheepishness. Heh. I slay me. See below.
Uhlrik the GMPC

Uhlrik von Liebewitz: 42. Not nearly as bad in the Sue department. Still up there mostly because he’s a freak with a rough childhood…

Uhlrik “West” Graz’zt: 28. Woohoo!

Now, let me try this test with some of my other favorite characters:

Krissy Lee (NB Version): 41! Blame the STs! Then blame other players for attaching themselves to the wierd little thing’s coattails! 😉 By definition, Garou fill a lot of these slots already anyhow.

Krissy Lee (Other): 34. Not so bad, comparatively. See above.

Franklin T Helseher, PhD, PRP:  5! FRANK WINS THE UNIVERSE!

Robert Anderson (to be fair, Robert had to earn a lot of this stuff the hard way in play, and then spent the later part of his career as a major NPC… and see above on Garou): 49. That’s lower than I was afraid he’d be, actually. Characters that help kick off world-saving/destroying quests tend to qualify…

After all that, I decided to see what the test would think of a certain carpenter from a little town near Jerusalem.
Yeshua ben-Joseph of Nazareth, AKA Jesus Christ, AKA the Messiah. Score: 192. That’s just going off what’s actually mentioned in the Gospels and The Acts of the Apostles, leaving out all references in the Old Testament and his exciting activities covered in The Revelation of John (IE his actions as YHWH: talking to Moses from the burning burning bush, raining plagues on Egypt, torching Ahab’s soldiers with fire from heaven, splitting mountains in half… you know, the blatantly epic stuff)


2 Responses to “Mary Sue”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    That’s not remotely an accurate gauge for RPing at all, I don’t think.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    I’m very much inclined to agree. It was still fun seeing how these characters stacked up in the test-writer’s definition. I’d be interested in seeing a better test. Uhlrik and Rob would still turn up as Mary Sues though, and you better believe that Jesus would. Even without kung fu.

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