In The News: Blarg!

Online Dating – For Apes!
Funky. It sounds more like the plot of a Clint Eastwood movie sequel than real life.

Breast  Implants Save Woman’s Life
I wonder what their armor rating was…

AOL Be Diggin’ Fer Buried Treasure, Matey
Now that’s bizarre. Again, fact > fiction.

There were a lot more stories over the past few days that were worth posting, but I just didn’t feel like doing any more. 😛


2 Responses to “In The News: Blarg!”

  1. bosantibe Says:

    Those last two are great. In the latter case, the defendant’s reputation probably played a large part in making this shindig (pun intended) possible.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    Yeah, I’m inclined to agree. It is known and well established that he bought and buried precious metals, and that he is a scumbag… so how much farhter is it to get something like this going down? Not so very.

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