Thought-Provoking Psych Article

The basic gist of this article is how I’ve felt for a while, but it really lays out root causes and effects very cleanly, and offers up some hopeful possible outcomes in addition to the dire problems that come from the culture of pampered victimhood that seems to dominate contemporary American parenting.

A Nation of Wimps

Be warned, it’s 8 pages in length but worth the read.

bosantibe pointed this out to me, and I much appreciate it.

Let a kid fall down and skin their knee once in a while. Let them get dirty. Don’t watch them like a hawk at all times and try to find outs for them. Show them how to face the music and accept responsibility for his own actions. They’ll be much more healthy, well-adjusted and capable people for it. That’s good parenting, unlike all that smothering, wheedling and labelistic seeking of unfair advantage that we see today. If we want people to be capable of standing on their own feet, we need to … well… let them find out how by doing it.


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