In The News: Morons & Monkeys!

Oops! Bank Robber Leaves Checkbook In Bank
These stupid criminal stories are some of my favorite news items. This is one of the more pitiful heists I’ve heard of in a while.

Girl Scout Leader Accused of Stealing
Maaaan… I don’t like this sort of story nearly enough: a girl scout leader raids her troop’s account to pay her bills. At least she got caught. Betrayal of trust really bugs me. However, the article’s right… that is a LOT of thin mints.

Surgical Discovery: “What Was He Thinking?” Edition
I do hope this guy’s under psychiatric observation now. People that are mentally well don’t swallow knives, nails, pens and assorted random objects.

Fighting Monkeys With Monkeys!
I like monkeys. That alone gets this story on here. Add to it the hilarious mental images of monkeys leaping around a subway car shrieking, and later on a pack of bigger monkeys being brought in to scare the little ones away… that’s definitely a serious winner.
A langur monkey and her baby sit on a tree in the outskirts of New Delhi, March 7, 2003. They say it takes a thief to catch a thief, but India's Delhi Metro has hired a monkey to frighten off other monkeys from boarding trains and upsetting passengers. REUTERS/Kamal Kishore


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