In the News: Crime & Punishment Edition!

Thanks For Auditioning, We’ll Call You.
That does seem oddly appropriate for the set of a Brazilian soap opera, now that you mention it. What was this guy actually hoping to accomplish? It’s not like they’d hire him back after a stunt like this.

Wrong T-shirt Gives Away Passport Forgery
That’s one of those “it seemed like a good diea at the time” moments… but in the wake of the World Cup, I’m still astonished at this guy’s sloppiness. So you’re French, huh?

“You Call That a Knife?” Part II
You go, Granny.

Wrong Time, Wrong Place For British Assassination Game?
I’ve played similar games in Redlands and it was very good fun… but that was a decade ago and the world was a different place… plus I wasn’t in a city that’s still spooked by recent terrorist attacks. I don’t think that the game’s a huge problem, but on the other hand I don’t think that under the circumstances it’s a good idea. In general, plan for the stupidity of others, not their wisdom or restraint.

Inmate Includes Own Name In Bomb, Antrhax Threats
I think the US attorney said it best: “it’s fair to say we were not dealing with a great criminal mind here.”

Armed Police Protect Villagers From Cows
Wild cows attacking homes and paramilitaries being called in to stop them. That’s awesome. I can see that as a (really low budget) horror flick.

Police, Called to Gothy Stripper’s Home, Find Human Hand
That and her genuine human skull collection are pretty high on the list of things not to have sitting out in the open when the cops show up at your door to deal with another problem. Imitation skulls, even very realistic ones, are easy to come by and aren’t blatantly illegal…

Restaurant Owner Shaken By Koi Siezure
I’ll admit I was hoping that this story was about the owner flipping out because his fish were having siezures rather than his fish being siezed by the authorities because they’re illegal in his state… but it’s still interesting. The other would have been a way better story.

Dolls Evicted From Apartment
It could be worse. She could have been a crazy cat lady instead of a crazy doll lady.

Cross-Dressing Lawyer Skirts Dress Code
So what’s he really trying to accomplish by way of social change with his stunt? It sure doesn’t seem crafted to actually help him win or be taken seriously in the case he’s adopted it during, even though he says it’s a statement about the case itself.


3 Responses to “In the News: Crime & Punishment Edition!”

  1. bosantibe Says:

    Sounds like a publicity stunt, that last one; mostly because he doesn’t discuss the nature of the case or how the gender bias plays into it at all, focusing more on his ideas of social gender expression.

    For the koy, I thought he was having seizures caused by the fish, myself, which would be awesome. I find it weird they’re “allowing” him to purchase his own fish back from their foster home after confiscating them.

  2. creativedv8tion Says:

    In re: the inmate

    I have no words. o.O

  3. uhlrik Says:

    Impressive, no?

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