More Tektek silliness

Yes, it’s been a long time, but I decided to haul out that silly Gaia avatar maker thingie out again and see if it had anything new. Why? No reason. Do not bother me with trifles.

Back in this post, I complained that there wasn’t a good way to  represent  ol’ Trouble with the avatar thingie. It’s still not spot on, but I can make something a bit closer to the Troublesome One. Yes, fear the trench-coated katana-wielding ‘scarecrow/gargoyle’ Nosferatu. 😛

Then, I decided that too much is never enough, so I made another of these guys.

Here’s Jules ‘Al-Hajji’ Horne, my Camarilla warrior-caste Assamite. I guess a fair description of him might be as follows: imagine The Transporter or Bean Bandit as he might appear as an immortal Blaxploitation protagonist. Vampires’ tendency to get ‘frozen in time’ fashion-wise has served him poorly, but he’s an enjoyable character.


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