In The News: Thieving Cats, Burning Dogs. Mass Hysteria!

That Kitty’s a Thief, He Is!
I love that the kitty  has a very specific theft-fetish. Plus the pic of Willy with the display of gloves he has pilfered is fun. Cats’ tendency to bring their owners “presents” can lead to hilarious (and disturbing to some people) moments. The poor kitties are so proud that they’ve brought their person something nice, and have no way of understanding that mommy doesn’t want a dead mouse on her doorstep. I’m glad that the neighbors are goodn-humored about the cat’s larcenous exploits.


One Response to “In The News: Thieving Cats, Burning Dogs. Mass Hysteria!”

  1. bosantibe Says:

    Animals and plane crashes certainly make the day more interesting. I love the cat, but I’m not sure whether I love more the fact that the headmaster tried to bribe his faculty with dog meat. It really sucks when romance is overcast by various disasters, but I find it satisfying when love ignores said disasters in favor of happy sentiment.

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