Postmodern Howdy Doody Returns

I never thought this day would come.

Pee Wee’s Back in the Limelight

'Pee-wee’s Playhouse'

Maaaaan, he’s back? That show was bizarre, creepy, frenetic, surreal, noncomformist, cheerful and, as I already said, postmodern with an outsider vibe. And it was totally mesmerizing. It was so creative and out there that I must say that I think it deserved every one of its 22 emmy awards. Linda and  I used to watch it intermittently when we were kids, just for the sheer freakout factor, specifically because we were theoretically older (yet younger at the same time) than its target audience.

It’s interesting to me that  they’re putting the original show on Adult Swim alongside their other wierd programs… it’s certainly got the odd factor, but is somehow more innocent (?!?!) and way less cynical than their other offerings. It was a fairly sincere show in many ways, which nothing on Adult Swim could really pretend to be. It’s an odd fit, but somehow that fact is appropriate.

I could totally see the Playhouse as an Umbral Realm and Pee-Wee as a mostly-harmless Marauder (but what could ever have broken his reality so badly?).  That or something out of Changeling or Deliria.

The article I linked above is definitely worth a read, if for no other reason than to see what Reubens himself has to say about the show’s meaning and his intent behind its approach. It certainly was a psychedelic tribute to shows like Howdy Doody and Captain Kangaroo.

The article also mentions that it’s been on DVD for almost two years now, though I agree with the writer that the DVD release (see an old USA Today article about it) is not nearly as big of a deal in terms of Pee Wee returning to our cultural consciousness.

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I need to make an icon out of this image of Cowboy Curtis (Lawrence Fishburne!), with a caption like “Take the Blue Pill!”
Here’s another, already LJ-sized!

Apparently, Paul Reubens has two more Pee Wee scripts that he wants to get filmed. That should be interesting…


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