Why’d It Go Away?

Huh. They seem to have removed the handy-dandy  Insert Picture button from the little menu on the Update Journal page. What’d they replace it with? LiveJournal Video.  Whyforhowcome?

Not like I won’t ever use the LJvid button… odds are that I’ll experiment with it at some point, but I’d much rather other people have the courtesy to just post links to vids rather than the vids themselves, and I intend to keep doing it that way myself. If I ever do actually use it, I’ll do so under a cut. Anyway…

So now to add pictures I have to go back to hand-coding them in via Source. That’s doable and all, but I’d really rather not have to bother. Any tool that that reduces the amount of typing (or cut-n-paste) I have to do in carrying out my everyday activities is great and beloved. Plus the button guarded against typos.

Ah well. Meh.


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