Look, A Book!

I love reading, but I haven’t been going through whole books at a go in a while. I miss it. So, when I recieved the following book from a friend, I took the impetus to start reading again. Hey, I had some shambling motivation.


TITLE: The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead
AUTHOR(S): Max Brooks
GENRE(S): Humor
ISBN: 1400049628
PUBLISHER: Three Rivers Press (Random House)

This book is written in the general format of a survival guide (obviously, since that’s what it is parodying), and it does get a bit caught up in its own exhaustive nature, meaning that while it is engaging and amusing, it’s not the easist book to just roll right through. Several portions are actually fairly dy.

It breaks down purported myths and realities of zombies, classes of outbreaks of the Solanum virus and so on, also giving a collection of historical zombie outbreaks.

There is a section on weapons and combat, which I found very amusing not least because of some (probably deliberate) inconsistencies within it, for example it says that as a general rule, you should obey the law, then goes on about the virtues of stockpiling weapons with silencers. It also succumbs to the “katana fallacy,” which I need not elaborate here at length.

Also, the book goes over a wide varety of possible scenarios, varied environments and possible forms of zombie encounters, ways to survive, defend locations, go on the attack and so on in each, with wrinkles for each of the 4 classes of zombie outbreak ranging from a couple ghouls shambling down the street all the way up to Zombie Planet.

As a zombie enthusiast and a Boy Scouts of America leader (hence somebody that’s done my share of wading through survival manuals), I found it highly entertaining, though I do think it could have been better. Mel’s son does deliver a funny and “informative” read. When the shambling hordes arise, I’ll be glad I packed this.

I’ll grant it  Skull!Skull!Skull!Skull! 4 skulls out of 5.

Who Should Read It: People that really like zombies, paranoid conspiracy theorists (it’s much funnier when the reader believes this stuff, no?).


6 Responses to “Look, A Book!”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    I like your format of presenting the information about the book, and then the review behind the cut-tag. I just may have to swipe that for my reviews.

    Is the skulls system going to be the basis for all your reviews, or was that a item-specific one? Ie, will there be 4 out of 5 dragons for a good fantasy book, 1 out of 5 slashes for some fanfic, and so on?

    Sounds ilke the kinda book to keep around in the bathroom for those sudden, “Gotta shit!” moments.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    It’s funny that you mention liking the format. I think you’ve seen it somewhere else. 😛

    I think the system’ll be item-specific and thematic, yeah.

    It’s definitely a bathroom/coffee-table book, yeah.

  3. creativedv8tion Says:

    Really? Hmm. It’s a great way to do book reviews, and I’m surprised it hasn’t taken over ElJay by now. Whomever came up with it must be a genius, if not a sooooper genius.

    Maybe I’ll find it on the cheap or on paperbackswap and that way I can have it in the bathroom to freak out people. Either that or take it with me to probation so when she searches my backpack, she’ll find it.

    Yeah, that’d be funny.

  4. uhlrik Says:

    That would be funny.

  5. bosantibe Says:

    That does sound like good funny.

  6. bosantibe Says:

    I had actually joined an LJ community that uses this as their bible, so I was wondering about it. Lost interest in the community, naturally. I almost wish I had logged one argument I had there, as it felt like it had the consistencies of gold.

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