This asset was acquired from thebitterguy, a member of my reading list.

Hyperfriendship and the Binary Friends Model As Played Out In LiveJournal (my title, not theirs).

The description of LJ as a postmodern space where every term has a multitude of (often tangentially related at best) meanings for the multitudes that throng said space is quite an apt one,  and seems to hold.

The term ‘friend’ is a complex, multilayered one and is, in a LJ context, often completely separated from any real-world context of friendship.

Most of my own offline friends are not on my friends list, though they would be if they had livejournals that I knew of. There are people and feeds on there purely for informational purposes, and some for stimulating and entertaining conversation, and a few internet-friends that I have never met, yet do consider people I would be real-world friends with if we ever met.

The binary articulation of the “friend” relationship does occlude meaning quite a bit, thus contrbuting to drama. MySpace seems to suffer from the same phenomenon to a very similar degree, though perhaps on an even less mature social level.


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