I’m at it again

Somebody stop me!









Yes, you’re permitted to blame me.


3 Responses to “I’m at it again”

  1. bosantibe Says:

    I think one of my better moments was when I decided not to assume my own sanity anymore. You know, when they say it’s all downhill from here I don’t think anybody stops to consider that it would still really suck if it were all uphill. I almost want to use an illuminati emblem as the mark of Cain somewhere now that I’ve seen your photoshop work, but where I wonder.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    Actually, I didn’t photoshop the pyramid with the all-seeing eye onto that roach coach. It was already on there when I shot the photograph.

    When you come up with what you’d wanna do with that symbol, let me know. i’m curious.

  3. bosantibe Says:

    Possibly on the face of a zombie. You know, no harm can come to this man… if you kill this &#252berzombie the dead will rise and wash over the earth. This zombie represents death in microcosm and I love the idea of that being tied to some grand conspiracy (because I hate grand conspiracies on principle) that I can manipulate. I’ll likely use this as the premise of an All Flesh Must Be Eaten game. It would be cool if it was a stylized Grim Reaper sort of affair. The idea is still forming but I can feel it’s all there.

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