In The News: Crime and Punishment

Driver Has 18 Times Legal Alcohol Limit

Not only that, but he had over twice the blood alcohol level that’s normally considered lethal. He’s lucky he’s alive at all. The luck of fools, or some such…

The Son of Sam To Appear In Court Over “Son of Sam Law” suit.

That has a deeply fascinating level of irony and sheer… er… yeah. I dig it. It’s pretty interesting that Berkowitz filed a lawsuit against his former attorney using the law named after him as the basis for his suit. Given the circumstances, good on him I say. It feels wierd praising the actions of a serial killer, but such it is.

Probation For Lewis The Ninja Cat?

Won’t the Saga of Lewis™ ever come to an end? Yeeesh. And… yes, of course the animal rights activists had to get involved…

Rexburg Police Get Calls About Really Lame Stuff

This actually makes sense. Rexburg is one of the most boring places in the continental US, by most accounts. I know a lot of people that went to school up there and that seems to be the universal consensus. People have to find SOMETHING for the cops to do… but calling them over skimpy bikinis? Maybe it was a public service to bored officers (“hey officer, there’s a really hot chick wearing next to nothing on 4th and Main…”) or something. The best part (to me) was the cop that had to lasso a badger in somebody’s apartment and nearly got dragged away.


5 Responses to “In The News: Crime and Punishment”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    Ok, for the record, the lady with the cat should be keeping her cat indoors. The cat obviously has issues and she’s being irresponsible as a person and as a pet owner to let it run around the neighborhood and attack people.

    However, the article talked at the end about the lady who was bit 3 times and had 8 deep scratches.

    To which I say:

  2. creativedv8tion Says:

    According to the Supreme Court of the US, the Son of Sam law is unconstitutional.

  3. uhlrik Says:

    I agree with you about Lewis’ idiot owner, and the whiney lady.

  4. uhlrik Says:


  5. creativedv8tion Says:

    Yeah. Now here in Flordidididida, the closest thing we have is that while you’re on probation (or incarcerated), you can’t make any money off of your crime (book, movie, etc.)

    Not that anyone wants to read the exciting story of a habitual traffic offender. 😛

    But, I suppose if I wrote a tell-all of my various experiences with the criminal justice system, I’d have to leave out all the traffic ones until I’m done with the probay.

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