*Rolls eyes*

The Y!Messenger transcript that follows is yet another random encounter in my life. I really oughtta tear that chart out of my GM’s book.

[22:15] sleeplizcybafiend: hi…  anyone there?
[22:16] Casewerker: mebbe. Who’s asking?
[22:16] sleeplizcybafiend: oh yyour there πŸ™‚ hi…
[22:16] Casewerker: uh oh. Scripted conversation alert activated.
[22:16] sleeplizcybafiend: what do you mean?? whats a script?
[22:16] Casewerker: pre-written conversation plan.
[22:16] sleeplizcybafiend: a/s/l (age sex loccation)? 
[22:16] Casewerker: I’ve seen that exact same intro dozens of times.
[22:16] Casewerker: followed by that exact statement.
[22:16] sleeplizcybafiend: im 27/f/USA. was lookin at your profile. thought you might like to chat.
 [22:16] Casewerker: you’re trolling for pageviews, no?
[22:16] sleeplizcybafiend: so what have you been uup to casewerker?
 [22:17] sleeplizcybafiend: cool. i was just hhangin out watching tv. i was getting kinda horny πŸ™‚ (*blushes)
[22:17] Casewerker: yeah, you’re just looking for pageviews. Bye.
[22:17] *** sleeplizcybafiend has been ignored.

Can’t they at least come up with a new script? I just didn’t feel like bothering to take any more of my time to torment what was probably a bot anyway.


9 Responses to “*Rolls eyes*”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    Why should they come up with a new script when it prolly works enough to keep using?

  2. lucretiasheart Says:

    The attack of the anonymous BOTS!!!

    I don’t even do chat anymore, and that’s one reason.

  3. lucretiasheart Says:

    Especially the “horny” part!

  4. uhlrik Says:

    I’m sure it does work with people that are actually looking for this stuff… and they have few real reasons to change them. It’s just so banal and boring.

    On the plus side, since I spot these by the first or second post, I can usually just save myself further trouble by dropping an ignore on them, unless I feel like testing whether it’s a bot or a person.

    Its lameness is nearly infinite, though.

  5. uhlrik Says:

    It happens infrequently enough that I keep the thing around, and I occasionally get a chuckle or two out of messing with these to see if I can completely confuse them.

  6. creativedv8tion Says:

    Oh, I’m not arguing the lameness of it one bit. I mean, anyone who falls for this shit is pretty lame in the first place, “Huh? Some random chick just started telling me how horny she is? Wow, and she wants to webcam for me? And I don’t realise she’s trolling for customers or something?”

    But, why fix it if it ain’t broke? Sure, you can see right through it, but you’re not the target audience, either. Sure, it’s annoying as hell, but then that’s what you get for using Y! Messenger in the first place. πŸ˜‰ (I think there’s a setting you can set so people can’t find you in the searches, which is how most of the bots/people find people to msg. When I used to use Y! I would get all sorts of propositions from gay guys looking for cyber/phone/RL sexplay, since my handle intimated that I was a sexual dominant. Didn’t say the first thing about being into guys, but hey… gotta give them points for being deserpate, I guess. Ok, no, you don’t.)

  7. creativedv8tion Says:

    Yeah, that’s the knock-out punch there.

  8. uhlrik Says:

    Maybe I’ll tweak my Y! settings and see if it goes away.

  9. bosantibe Says:

    It’s just like telemarketers, aggressive proselytizers or homeless persons trying to alleviate their withdrawl symptoms, there’s a level of amusement to be had regardless of how ridiculous and lame it is. Make no mistake, you’re the one providing the amusement; but there’s always that occasional chuckle to be had.

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