Oh, the Germanity!

Yes, I’ve Got More of these for you. You know you want it.

Mugger Pleads For Bus Fare Home

“I’ve gotta knife… gimme yer purse an’ nobody gets hurt. Oh. Umm…. can you at least give me bus fare? Please?”

Woman Arrested For Violating Way Too Many Traffic Laws At Once

Drink way too much, drive on the wrong side of the road. Ordinary (yet foolish) enough, right? Oh no, our driver’s an overachiever! She’ll take a side of auto theft  and driving without a license to chase it down!

WWII American Warplane Not Through Dropping Things Over Germany…

I dig it. Okay, so it’s not a bomber. So sue me.

Friend Left As Deposit At Gas Station

The best part is that the lady never came back to collect her (former?) friend.


One Response to “Oh, the Germanity!”

  1. uhlrik Says:

    Bandits, eh? Never saw that one. Hmmm…

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