In the News: Marriage, Crime and Death By stupidity

Thieves Gas Themselves In Bungled Cyanide Heist

I can just picture their leader rubbing his hands malevolently waiting for his victims to collapse, thrash and die.. then the look on his face when he notices the distinct aroma of almonds…

Pakistan Couple, Jailed For Love, Released

I know, respect for other cultures is important and all… but getting your daughter sent to jail because she married without your consent? That’s really uncool. At least they didn’t “honor kill” her. Thankfully, the law’s actually on the couple’s side in this case. This highlights the gap between many countries’ aspirations to modernity (whatever that means) and the reality on the streets.

Couple, 33 and 104, Reportedly Marry For Love

That one’s interesting. Well, good luck to them. Also, one of the few times I’ve seen a guy point out his spouse’s poverty as a feature rather than a flaw (as proof he’s marrying her for love rather than money). He’s husband #21… that’s very impressive for a woman that’s never practiced polyandry.


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