In The News: Nekkid Men From The Sky! All of a Sudden I Disappeared!

Santa? No, It’s Naked Chimney Guy!

This is simply priceless. Last week it was the naked carpenter under the house in Oakland, this time it’s the naked guy going down the chimney in Hayward. Both in the San Francisco Bay area. There must seriously be something in the water. Maybe they’re within range of the radiation emitting from Berkeley. Another story about the same incident: Police Arrest Nude Man Stuck In Chimney.

There’s a “Most Beautiful” Bulldog, and Her Name Is Hannah?

Now, I like bulldogs a lot, but I still think they’re hideous, every last one of ’em. At least they’re not pugs.

Run Away! The Cesspool Ate Andrew!

This is horrible, but at the same time it’s one of the most awesome stories to come down the pike in a while. For me, the capper is this line right here: “I walked across the lawn, and all of a sudden I disappeared.” That’s gotta be the quote for the day. That town seems to have some sort of curse upon it: a couple of years ago another cesspool ate and killed a man that was practicing archery. Wish I had made that up.

Bloody Good Party…

What is it about wedding receptions that inspires stabbings?


One Response to “In The News: Nekkid Men From The Sky! All of a Sudden I Disappeared!”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    I think even ‘ugly’ dogs can be beautiful – in that they capture the elements of the features of the breed that make that breed notable.

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