In The News: It’s a No-Brainer. Really.

Frog. He's awesome
Frog in Salad a Bit Too French For Australian Barbie

Think they can beat down the “French” angle any more thoroughly in one short article? Anyway, I thought I’d at least share the picture from the article… notice that it ain’t the frog from the salad, or even the same species. Apparently any frog will do.

It’s Official: Beans Make You Fart.

This is taken as evidence in a court of law. You have to love it. Plus, everyone loves a good fart joke.

Accused Burglar Takes Cameras, Leaves Tape.

Smile for the camera!

Time For The Annual Easter Crime Wave

There have been worse holiday traditions… but “It’s a very Norweigian thing to do?” It’s interesting to me that, even though their standard of living is so high, so is their suicide rate (the latter not mentioned in this article).

Do Not Feed The Elephant

A day late and a dollar short on that sign thing, no?

Owner To Get Back Motorcycle Stolen in 1971

I took one look at the headline and thought, “waittaminute, isn’t that almost the same story as a couple months back..?” Whattaya know, it even points this out. Two old stolen vehicles bought by people in Scandinavian countries turn out to be stolen and get returned… at leas t the bike is operational, though. Viva eBay?

Rescuers Renew Effort to Save Kitten

I guess I’d rather get fined for having a cat than for having mice too. I think I’d want a smarter kitty than this one, all things considered. And he better be orange. I’ll admit I liked the story about the cat waving his paw out of the wall better.

You Can Come Back When You Just Have a Cat…

Snakes In A Bank: coming soon to a theatre near you!


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