In The News…

The Book of the Mad Arab Found In Britain

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Ftagn! The stars are right! Next thing we know, the thing’ll turn up missing and a trail of seawater will lead from its keeping place to the ocean.

That said… it’s a very interesting article that highlights a strange custom of the French judiciary in the time leading up to the Revolution.

Man Gets $218 Trillion Phone Bill.


82-Year-Old Woman Gets Ticket For Slow Street Crossing

Granny can’t make it across in time with her cane(it’s a 20-second light), so they give her a ticket. Gee Officer, that’s just swell.

Trivia Reigns For Queen’s 80th Birthday

Huh. More than you ever wanted to know about Her Majesty. “Fishes Royal,” eh? Eeenteresting.

“Mr. Switzerland” to Entice Women During World Cup

This almost made it into one of my Germanity features, but it’s switzerland, so not quite. Anyhow, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I guess. Soccer’s just a bunch of guys running for an hour (or so) anyhow.

Two Charged With Filing Fake Obituary… For Time Off Work.

Wow. They must really, really hate their job. Either way, that’s a seriously boneheaded scam.

Baghdad The Worst Major City To Live In For The Third Year Running.

No, really?

Last but hardly least…



2 Responses to “In The News…”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    Here’s a lying-about-a-death story I can relate. Last year, I had a co-worker named Cindy. She called in one Sunday to say she wasn’t coming to work, her father died the night before. I told her, hey, stay home, don’t worry about work, we’ll manage. (Sunday itself is no biggie, working alone – we’re not open to the public. The next day, Monday, well, that was a bit of a problem, but I managed. My back was killing me by the end of the day and I was miserable, but hey, her father died.)

    I even told her to call if she needed someone to talk to – after all, I’d lost my father a few years ago, I could relate.

    And she did call a couple times, but I was too busy (and not really wanting to be supportive – so I kinda made sure I stayed busy so I had an excuse not to answer the phone – yeah, kinda dickish, and I did feel bad, but I just didn’t feel like hearing her cry about her father, when really I was still – and still am – dealing with losing mine.) The obituary never makes it into the paper though, and Cindy even rants about it.

    Ok. So, a few months later, she misses a few days of work, b/c her mom has passed away now. Oy, talk about bad luck. Wouldn’t you know they finally do the father’s obit?

    Well, she keeps missing days and being super late (kinda like the kid who replaced her… *grumble*) but there’s not much to be done about it. Well, one day, Gloria (my boss) answers the phone, and it’s a woman looking for Cindy. Gloria says, “No, she just left, may I ask who’s calling, can I help?”

    It’s Cindy’s mom. She didn’t die.

    That’s right. The father was sick, went into the hospital. Didn’t die, but she didn’t want to tell us that, she wanted to take a week off… b/c she didn’t feel like working. Now, she’s on disability, and we knew this. You’d think she’d just milk that – “Oh, my back is fucked up…” or something.

    So, anyhow, a month or so later… her father REALLY DID die. But she couldn’t tell us that, b/c he already died, so she claimed her mom did this time.

    Now, I dunno about you (or anyone else reading this) but I’d feel like shit if I claimed that a family member died, and then shortly thereafter, they did expire!

    Anyhow, no, it’s not as wacky as the story you linked to, but I just wanted to blather on…

  2. uhlrik Says:

    That does royally bite. She shoulda knocked on wood, yo.

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