Descent: The Shroud of Ahriman

Okay, I’ve got a working title (Descent) for the magic-oriented Capes game I dreamed up, and here’s another Character for that setting, an object though I can’t exactly refer to it as inanimate…

The Shroud of Ahriman
Are you sure it’s on our side?
Are you sure you trust this thing?


  • Change Shape 5
  • Entangle 2
  • Eject objects  4
  • Conceal 1
  • Engulf 3


  • Billowing folds 3
  • In darkness 1
  • Terrifying 2
  • Extradimensional space 4


  • Ominous 2
  • Malevolent  3
  • Hungry 1

The Shroud of Ahriman is a great mass of black cloth, traditionally taking the form of a hooded cloak and/or coat with deep folds and billows, along with a long scarf. It can take other forms and even move independently to a certain degree. Usually this is done at the behest of or at least for the benefit of its master, though sometimes it acts purely of its own volition as well. The Shroud of Ahriman possesses at least a rudimentary sentience; it is difficult to discern exactly how intelligent the artifact is or what its desires might be. The shroud’s primary magical attribute is its capacity to swallow up and store objects in a sort of null-space, causing them to vanish from physical reality as we know it. The shroud can keep track of these objects and provide them to its master for easy access at will. It usually brings forth the object that he wants, but sometimes the shroud produces what it feels he needs most instead.

On Descent

Descent is a Capes game set in a world much like our own, but it is a comic-book world of conspiracies, magic and corrupt men in positions of power. It is a world of angels and devils, hookers and philanthropists. The nights are just a little bit darker, the smog more pervasive and the light harsher. Everything is a little bit (sometimes more than a little bit) exaggerated here, and falling from grace is perhaps the easiest thing in the world. The average person doesn’t admit to a belief in magic, yet it is there just beneath the surface, waiting to burst through. There actually is something to urban legends, ESP, faith healing and the bogeyman.


2 Responses to “Descent: The Shroud of Ahriman”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    Very much The Cool!

  2. uhlrik Says:

    And now I added the numbers. [/embarrased]

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