In the news: Choking with disgust

Because I am a man that believes passionately in my religion and believes that twisting faith (any faith, including Mormonism or atheism) to leverage control or destruction of other people is heinous and wrong, I frequently have cause to be annoyed at religious or anti-religious public figures.

So before I proceed, a caveat: this post is not an attack on Islam or any other faith. It is an attack on callous men that use the ignorance and belief of their fellows to kill, maim and intimidate. I consider them cynical opportunists that either do not know (unlikely) or do not believe the words of their own scriptures, yet wield them to do murder.

And now, on to the post.

Afghan Clerics Demand Convert Be Executed

I shall follow that up with a Qur’anic analysis of the issue: Qur’an and Hadith on Religious Persecution.

Now, the politics and diplomacy here is a highly complex issue which I shall not discuss for reasons of space and time, though I acknowledge their existence and stickiness.

I’m not advocating that Karzai give up his nation’s sovereignty. I’m advocating that if people intend the laws of the land to be based on the words of their scriptures, then the letter and the spirit must both be followed, with acknowledgement of context. If it says kill the unbelievers when they’re trying to kill you for your religion, by all means do so. And yes, it says that.  If it says that  you should live peacably and justly with people not of your faith (it does) then that should likewise be enshrined within your laws. To leave that out is solemn mockery of the very laws you claim to espouse and of the God that you claim gave them to you. In other words, it is out and out blasphemy (a contemptuous act, utterance or writing concerning God). I know these are strong words, and I mean them. I am aware that in Islam, Christianiy and Judaism, Blasphemy is one of (if not the) most heinous sins possible. This is my accusation.

If it needs to be said, the same obviously goes for Christians that push similarly twisted legal measures and maneuvers. If you’ve read my blog, you know how I feel about certain Evangelical pundits.


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