In The News: Mutants, Cross-dressers and Dead Nazis

Thousands of German WWII Corpses In Czech Factory

My obsession with WWII just keeps getting more and more fodder, and at just the right time. Heh. Soon, I shall unveil all. That aside, it really sucks that this agency simply ran out of funding to get these bodies home. The boys of the Wehrmacht may have been on the Black Hats team in the war, but this still ain’t cool.

Myths and Mysteries of Left-Handedness

I only posted this story because a) it’s interesting and b) the writer misspelled a word in the second paragraph. Well, didn’t misspell it technically.  He or she (stupid androgynous names) used waiver where they should have used waver.

Maybe I could write news after all. /snark

Sharon Stone Has No Problem With Nude Scenes

She made a sequel to Basic Instinct? It’s only been what, 14 years?

Texas Police Arresting People In Bars For Being Drunk

Uhh… yeah. Trust the Texan police to pick up on the blatantly obvious, and to find a … Texan… way of dealing with it.

Kitty Goes Splat! Then She’s Okay.

Awwwww. Kitty fall down go boom. Any landing you can walk away from is a good one.

Police Hunt Sniper, Catch Pigeon Shooter.

Now there’s a vicious criminal and threat to our national security. Ah well, at least he took out a few flying rats before The Man took him down. Thank you officers, I can sleep soundly now.

Fishnet Hosiery Does In Robbery Suspect

I’m glad this cross-dressing robber had the fashion sense to make sure his purse matched his outfit. It’d be embarrassing to get arrested by both the cops and the fashion police at the same time.


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