In The News…

Stolen Van Gogh Returned After 7 Years
Okay, so the Dutch police got the painting back (good on ’em, by the way. I really like Crazy Vince), but they still haven’t solved the case. Interesting order of operations…

With A Little Bit O’ Bloomin’ Luck…

Wow, that’s amazing to me. First, that the Japanese ever thought they could trust the predictions of weathermen in the first place. Second, that they’d stake their opinion of these cloud-astrologers’ credibility on how well they predict the blooming of little pink flowers. Of course, saki consumption depends on these parties, but still. It’s an odd obsession.

Well Said
Well said.

Batta batta, swing batta!
Batta batta, swing batta!

Ah, those are the times you remember
Ah, innocence….


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