Real Family Entertainment.

Show-stopping numbers... commie style!

New Korean musical depicts life in notorious North Korean prison camps.

That’s disturbingly fascinating. A bunch of red-clad commies dancing around with giant flags performing a show-stopping number. This’s a pretty smart, counterintuitive way to address human rights violations… kind of like Mary Poppins’  idea of using a spoonful of sugar to help the medecine go down. Pondering on the implications of this show  could fascinate me for a long while.

But not as long as the pic of the red commie dancers. There’s something compelling about that.


4 Responses to “Real Family Entertainment.”

  1. devolve_absolve Says:

    pffft communists dont have rights! Every true-blooded Westerner knows that!

  2. uhlrik Says:

    They most certainly have rights, according to the North Korean government. The right to be arrested without due process, the right to secret executions, the right to perform show tunes, the right to wear ill-fitting clothing…

  3. devolve_absolve Says:

    So communists are terrorists? Yay! Show tunes!

  4. uhlrik Says:

    I’m glad that you’re so excited about the most important aspect of communists’ rights.

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