In The News

Obese Man in Germany Rescued From Flat With Crane.
Now, while the Oktoberfest-loving fellow’s plight is at least somewhat amusing in and of itself, the part that really got me was one of the sidebars the article page had in my window. It had the following picture and caption:
Eat, you skinny fool! Eat Right, Stay Fit.
Now that’s just cold.

French ‘Spider-Man’ Arrested again.
Nothing really new there, though the mention that he’s epileptic is amusing. A grand mal siezure at 40 storeys would be… splatty.

Burned Man Says He Was Better Off Naked
That reminds me of an old episode of Night Court where Bull got hit by lightning and everybody kept mentioning that at the time of the lightning strike, he’d been wearing polyester underwear… at which point everyone within earshot would wince.


2 Responses to “In The News”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    Night Court was such an awesome show… and Bull was Da Man.

  2. uhlrik Says:

    Quoth bull: “I call him… muffin”

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