In The News: Extravaganza

This is exactly the sort of news that pisses me off

Today I’ve got a whole extravaganza of assorted delicacies for you to feast upon. Mostly bizarre stories, and one commentary/refutation of a story I recently noticed on the front page of the Times (more on that later).

In Fit Of Germanity, Bavarians Flood Village With Pig Manure.

Sewage to a depth of twenty inches. That’s just tasty.

Florida ManKills Roommate Over Toilet Paper

Okay… a guy killed his roommate with a sledgehammer AND a claw hammer, and claims that he did it while arguing with the man over the absence of toilet paper… and also claims he did it when his roommate produced a rifle. Okay… so he was already holding (both?) hammers when the rifle appeared, so he used them? Uhh… that’s so spontaneous and probable.

Would-Be Rock Star Plunges From Bed To His Death.

That’s worthy of at least an honorable mention in the Darwin Awards.

Girl Weds Dog to Ward Off ‘Evil Eye’

That’s an interesting solution. Her teeth were bad luck?

Homeless Man Arrested For Trying To Steal Sheep

Mmmm… sheeep.

And now, for those of you that don’t care, the rest’s going behind a cut.

Old News, New Attacks

Yeah… I noticed this on Sunday in the hardcopy paper, and was wondering what it was doing on the front page given that this news is several years out of date and there are no recent developments on this front.  The blogger I linked to offers up much of my same commentary on the article in question, so I’ll be brief. The other articles he links to aren’t bad at all and are very pertinent, though I think the ones that aren’t by FAIR or FARMS members are by far the most useful, given that they’re by persons “outside the fray” so to speak.

Lobdell’s information is most suspect, and he does a poor job of presenting the views of the LDS people.  His presentation makes the rest of this article seem more plausible, though.

I hadn’t been aware (though I’m not remotely surprised) that  Southerton and Murphy are both excommunicated Mormons, and that their efforts are funded by specifically anti-mormon interests.  That’s great for their credibility.

The relevance of DNA study to this subject is limited at best anyhow, and the study they’re citing wasn’t set up to explore the hypothesis that’s now being posited with the data in question. Great scholarship, guys.


One Response to “In The News: Extravaganza”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    Homeless Man Arrested For Trying To Steal Sheep

    He’s a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man.

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