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Judge Shelves Case Over Jesus’ Existence

Okay, this Italian guy whose lawsuit got tossed out by the judge…
what a prick. He’s on a one-man crusade to bring down the catholic
church, so he sues a priest for saying that Jesus existed since he
regards such claims as a con job and thus punishable by Italian law.
Trying to sue people over their religious beliefs. Way to go, champ.

He can’t have thought his petty little attempt to attack some priest
would be taken seriously by any conscientious judge. Good riddance.
Now, going after him for slander doesn’t do a lot for the local
Catholics either, and certainly isn’t applicable. All the same…
that’s just lame on his part. Hooray for litigousness.

I don’t care if you’re atheist. I don’t care if you’re catholic. Heck,
I don’t care if you worship the Kool-aid Man. But the moment that you
sue people for their beliefs (whether said beliefs are for or against
God’s existence), I feel you need to recieve a torrent of boots to the


One Response to “In The News…”

  1. nightowl33 Says:

    I have a black pair with hard, pointy, 2 inch heels…could do some real damage with these babies!!!

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