This is pretty random, but something
said reminded me of a less-than-serious OWoD game I have wanted to run
for a long time (maybe as a one-shot or an episodic quasi-connected
series): Hillbillies From Hell!

That’s right, a Fomor Family game, where the players are the most
backwater, inbred fomori their players can dream up (For those not familiar with fomor families… take a backwoods, bayou or perhaps trailer-dwelling hick family, then slip toxic elemental spirits into their flesh to grant them wierd mutant powers). I have a wide variety of potential scenarios for the Hillbillies too.

A few of them:

HillBillies From Hell Go To Town (does this need explanation? Let’s just say that hijinx ensue.)

HillBillies From Hell Save The World (An alien invasion startin’ right in their neck of the woods. “Now lookie them lahts! Ma, git th’ squirrel gun.”)

Hillbillies From Hell Buy The Farm
(land disputes! wyrm powers! yeeehaw!)

Hillbillies From Hell Family Feud (Hatfields and McCoys, wyrm style).

HillBillies From Hell Get Their Shots (doctors + Wyrm-tainted hicks =
big mess)

It just goes downhill from there.
Maybe, if I ever bother going to a convention again, I should go with a
prepared Hilbillies scenario and pregenerated Hillbillies for a pickup

As a totally hypothetical question (given that I’ll probably never
actually run this even though I’d love to),would you want to play in a
game like this? I you were, what would your ideal inbred mutant
critter-chasin’ hick be like? Would you wanna play Ma? Pa, maybe? Or
wouldja rather play one’a the chilluns, like the big and especially
(even for this family) slow-witted son, the tinkerin’ cousin/uncle or
perhaps the disturbing-yet cute daughter? The possibilities are
virtually endless.

Also, since the whole family’d have to have the same kind of Bane possession and at least a common thread in some of their powers, which would you prefer as the family’s theme: balefire, smog, sludge or toxin?


4 Responses to “Hooooweeee!”

  1. chrissiez Says:

    we all know id play the slutty, over the top buxom cousin/sister ;p

  2. uhlrik Says:

    *pats* We know, but we love ya MaryLouAnn!

  3. chrissiez Says:

    *giggles and runs her piercing against her teeth*

    Im such a bad bad girl

  4. uhlrik Says:

    You say bad like it’s a bad thing.

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