Vimes! Stop Drooling! It’s Cashmere!

I take no credit for the incredibly bad taste this meme is in.

Your LJ Friends list Superlatives by glass_grenade
Most likely to drool on you: mistervimes
Most likely to eat your soul for breakfast: jachilli
Most likely to hump your leg: unyko
Most likely to dominate you: lawngnome38
Most likely to love an anime character: riajean
Most likely to hug a penis: chrissiez
Biggest jerk: kurosau
Nicest boobs: impish1
Most likely to give you a llama for your birthday: conradhubbard
Most likely to give you a random lap dance: twillitts
Most likely to eat a gallon of cream cheese: lakantanz
Quiz created with MemeGen!

One Response to “Vimes! Stop Drooling! It’s Cashmere!”

  1. creativedv8tion Says:

    Ha! , not I, is the biggest jerk! Much amusement. 😉

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